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What to gift someone this Christmas who already has everything? Give them Nothing. 

No, we are not joking. We honestly mean the gift of unplugging from everyday life and stepping into an Oasis where all they have is nothing. No distractions, no sound, no overwhelming visual stimulation. They have only peace and true relaxation. If you haven’t guessed by now, we are referring to the fast growing popularity of Float Tanks (aka: Floating or Float therapy) and Salt Therapy Rooms.

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The Christmas holiday season can be a particularly stressful time of year for many people. Giving the gift of a luxurious, anti-stress solution makes perfect sense. Party-goers are prone to over-indulging with food, drink and late nights, and salt therapy may be the key to helping people get back on track after the Christmas holidays. At Salt Wellness Centre in South Surrey, we offer Floatation Therapy and Dry Salt Therapy (Halotherapy).


Gift giving made easy

We have put together three packages to choose from, each package for only $99         

  • Holiday Mix Pack: 1 Salt Therapy session + 1 Float session + 1 Small Salt Lamp ($165 Value)
  • 2 Pack Float: Two Float sessions ($150 Value)
  •  3 Pack Salt Therapy: 3 Salt therapy sesions in either the bed or the room.

Salt Therapy for Christmas

Halotherapy (dry Salt therapy) is a form of alternative medicine that has been known and used for thousands of years. Salt therapy could be described as the breathing of salt-laden air in a room, in order to benefit from healing and a feeling of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Modern salt therapy rooms provide safety and comfort while emulating the experience of being in the naturally occurring salt caves of Eastern Europe. At Salt Wellness Centre, we added Himalayan Salt Tiles for additional benefits. (Read more about benefits of Himalayan Salt here.)

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Salt Wellness Centre offers a range of ways to alleviate stress and anxiety and improve overall wellbeing. We offer two  salt rooms, one Salt bed, two flotation chambers and a larger Float Room where users can let their troubles drift away and feel a separation of body from mind. During a 45-minute salt room session, breathing the mineral-rich air, can provide welcome detoxification following or during Christmas and New Year holiday season festivities. A relaxing salt bed session will also soothe the most anxious of minds at a time when stress is at a yearly high.

Gift cards can be purchased online or in person at Salt Wellness Centre.


When giving the gift of Rest this Christmas, don’t forget to offer to look after the kids or pets, so the relaxation and rejuvenation can be experienced to the fullest!

Have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Hope to see you again soon.


Salt Wellness Centre Team.