Dispelling Common Misconceptions about Float Therapy

dispelling01Salt therapy (Halotherapy) is not a new concept. It was discovered and utilized during the mid-1800’s in Europe. Floatation therapy has the added benefits of weightlessness so it provides relaxation and relief by removal of sensory stimuli.  Still, people often have misconceptions about salt therapy and if it is the right treatment choice for them. Below are some common questions we are often asked about Salt and Floatation Therapy Treatments.

Is it Harmful to Breathe in Too Much Salt?

It is possible to EAT too much sodium in food but you can not breath too much pharmaceutical grade salt into your body because the tiny microns are actually fighting bacteria and inflammation. When breathed in, it heals rather than harms. That said, there are a few medical conditions that should not utilize salt therapy and a complete list is on our website.

Is Halotherapy a Wise Choice for Children?

Halotherapy is a very effective natural treatment for people of all ages and babies over the age of four months. Young children are treated with a lower concentration of salt and their parents are in the room with them.

Is Salt Therapy Safe?

Salt therapy is a safe treatment that does not use any drugs. Even if you are undergoing other medical treatments and prescriptions you can still benefit from the healing properties of salt therapy. Talk to your doctor to find out if Halotherapy is right for you.

Will I notice a Difference?

It is clinically proven that salt therapy provides clients with improved mental clarity due to the relaxing experience of the floatation tank, which removes the stressful stimuli and gravitational force on your body while being surrounded in salt water that is the same temperature as your body. Clients with respiratory ailments ease asthma symptoms and increase the healing time of respiratory illness like cold and sinus infections. Salt is most beneficial in the treatment of acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other inflamed skin conditions.

Are There Any Side Effects to Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy can cause increased coughing after treatment as the body rids excess mucus and toxic contaminants. Some people notice a slight rash or light itch that will resolve in a few days when the new healthy skin emerges from the sloughed off skin cells.