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first-time-float-therapy01Our busy lifestyles and constant exposure to electronics makes it hard to turn off when we are available 24/7. While we used to go to our homes to distance ourselves from work and regroup, with our smart phones and devices, we are more available than ever. Many people are looking for respite or a way to unwind – salt float tanks are a perfect way to do that. Reducing stress through floating gets rid of all of that external stimuli and can help you to meditate and unwind. There is something for everyone in our Surrey area float tanks – from beginner floaters to more experienced pros.

If you are just starting out, our wave float room may be more comfortable for an inexperienced floater. We are the only Salt and Float Therapy Cenre in BC that offers the larger wave float room, featuring a clear glass entry door and contoured wave style ceiling, make entering and exiting a little easier.  Underwater LED color lighting help you feel safe and secure during the session, which is perfect for first-time floaters who may feel some apprehension.

Whether you choose our wave float room or one of our two float tanks, you can expect your float experience to last 90 minutes. With the assistance of 1000lbs of Epsom Salt, you will float effortlessly and experience true weightlessness, helping you clear your midn and unplug from a busy lifestyle. The water is carefully maintained at skin temperature, allowing you to lose track of where your body ends and the water begins.

Salt Wellness Centre in South Surrey offers a unique experience in a welcoming and relaxing environment. If you haven’t tried floating yet, our experienced staff can walk you through the process, and help you choose the best salt float experience for you.