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wave_tankMy journey before I found Float Therapy is a detailed one that I will not dive into this time around. Lets just say that as a working mom with three kids, my stress level was a little high. (Ok, it was very high.) Throw in a back injury and chronic pain causing migraines, and you get a mom who’s cup was almost empty. I needed to recharge so that I could continue to take care of my family and myself. Like most of us, I was not sure exactly how to do this. Exercise was my usual stress reliever, but with my injury, it only aggravated the pain. To say I was feeling frustrated was an understatement.

My husband was the first to discover Floating. After his first session in a float tank, he was hooked. He came home afterwards and couldn’t stop talking about his unique and weightless experience. Honestly, I was exhausted and wasn’t really listening. Fast forward about a month later and he had just completed his third Float Therapy session at Salt Wellness Centre in South Surrey. He came home and informed me he had purchased two sessions for me and I was already booked in for the next day. After some protests about how little time I had, I finally relented. (My husband is a very convincing man.) Little did I know how much this was going to impact our lives…

As I arrived at Salt Wellness Centre late Sunday evening, I stepped into a peaceful oasis. Although I was still a little hesitant as I sat in the lounge waiting while the Float Room was being prepared, I started to relax. Finally, it was time to try this out.

After a brief orientation and a pre-float shower, it was time to float away. As I entered the Float Room, which is a more open concept float tank, the  warmth of the water surrounded me as I lowered myself into the roughly 900 lbs of Epsom salts in 10 inches of water. It was a wonderful sensation floating without having to use my arms or legs. A few minutes later, the lights dimmed and everything went dark. At that point, I was grateful there was a ‘night light’ in the tank and I reached above my head to turn it on. (Yes, I was a little scared of the dark.) Comfortable, I closed my eyes and willed myself to relax. My mind started racing and the tension started to creep back in, forcing me  to utilize my Yoga knowledge to breathe and relax again. Time did not exist in the Float Room as I drifted into a light sleep. Honestly, I didn’t know I was asleep until the lights came on in the Float Room.

After showering and dressing, I headed to the lounge. My mind felt ‘mushy’ and I was parched. Sitting down with some delicious Caramel Rooibos tea, I reflected on the past 90 minutes. Was I really in there that long? Why did I feel a little nauseous? At the front desk, I booked my next float, eager to come back again. This was the most peaceful and relaxed I had felt in years.

At home, I quickly looked up why I had felt a little nauseous after my float. It was due to the high cortisol levels in my body. In other words stress. (More about this another time though.) That night I had the best sleep in over 7 years. Actually, the entire week I felt refreshed and recharged. My back pain had subsided and the weekly migraines I had been plagued with stayed away. It was pretty awesome.

Everyone has a different experience in the tank. My first time was good, but my second time was even better. It continues to get better and easier to relax each time I enter the Float Room or tank. From someone who was pretty afraid of the dark, I have no problem going into the Oasis Float tank now, and crave that complete darkness, the silence and the isolation.

The advice I would like to share with any first time Floaters is this: Go into the Float Tank with an open mind. Focus on your breathing and heart beat, it does help chase away those racing thoughts.

Lastly, the more you float, the easier it becomes and the more you benefit from it.

At Salt Wellness Centre, the mantra is: Float…Breathe…Repeat.

Have you booked your Float Therapy session at Salt Wellness Centre in South Surrey  yet?

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