float-therapy-blogThere are many ways to reduce stress in your world today. From simple mani’s and pedi’s, to day spas, or hand and stone massage relief. There is something for every penchant. One of the best ways to unload your stress is through floating.

Yes, floating. Commonly referred to as Float Therapy, you enter a sensory reduced environment by floating in a float tank or a float room. By eliminating as much external stimuli as possible, the experience of floating will put you into a state of healing meditation that is known to be one of the most rejuvenating and restful experiences possible.

There are many ways to total relaxation, and float therapy is one of the most effective. You will be immersed in about 10” of water and 1000 pounds of Epsom salts. This allows your body to float freely, and releases you from the forces of gravity. Because the water is heated at  skin temperature and maintained that way, you can’t tell where your body leaves off and the water begins.

Float therapy is useful for  many mental and emotional states. It can bring relief in so many ways.

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Body detox
  • Pain management
  • Meditation
  • Enhanced healing and recovery
  • Deep relaxation
  • Creative exploration
  • Increase magnesium absorption

and more.

Just think of leaving that noisy, demanding, nerve-wracking world outside the door. When you sink into the warm salt waters of a float tank, all your worries and stress feel as if they are falling away from you. You’ll feel as if you’ve been through an entire day spa’s regimen with one 90 min float appointment.

For the first time in your life, try an experience which is the ultimate escape. You don’t need to book expensive tickets to a tropical paradise for this. Total relaxation and deep healing can be yours in a private, exclusive setting with only you in mind. Luxury never felt so good!