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Salt Therapy is effective in relieving and preventing Upper Respiratory illnesses. Children and adults who suffer from infections, allergies or ailments related to their sinus, ears, throat and lungs relax comfortably on a bed or recline chair in a salt room and breath in the micro particles of salt. The salt is absorbed through the skin and airways.  Skin covers a surface of approximately two square meters. By contrast, the entire respiratory system (nose, sinus, throat, lungs, bronchioles) comprise a surface of approximately one hundred square meters so salt microns are absorbed in greater quantity.

The salt room is an allergy free space and the aerosolized salt microns kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, clear up congested sinus cavities and reduce fluid in inner ear infections making it easier to breathe and clearing away painful fluid build up. No more stuffy/runny nose, itchy watery eyes and sore throat. If pollen, pollution, smoke or dust is the cause of your discomfort, you can reverse all the negative effects with salt therapy.

Want to prevent cold and flu like symptoms? Suffering from asthma or tonsillitis? Routine salt therapy will cleanse out current infections like inflamed tonsils, sinus pain, colds and flu’s but it can also prevent them by keeping your body healthy, clearing mucus, fighting bacteria and allergens without the use of liquid medications or pills. Just sit back, relax and recline in a tranquil and temperature controlled space filled with negative ions, which will improve your immune system and relieve stress.

You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated as if you have had a beach vacation! Just like the sea air and salt water your body is exposed to at the beach, the salt room provides all the benefits in less time and with no harmful effects; such as, water borne contamination or pollutants, damaging UV rays from the sun and lack of privacy when you are trying to recover from illness.

Our staff will ensure all your questions are answered and they are always on hand to assist you and ensure your stay is a pleasant experience. Call or visit our website to book your next appointment. Solo, with a friend or the whole family, every one of all ages will enjoy and benefit from the various salt therapy treatments available at Salt Wellness.