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Summer at Salt Wellness Centre

Beautiful and hot summer days are here, perfect for hiking adventures, lazy pool days and plenty of fun.

At Salt Wellness Centre in South Surrey, summer means something extra special to us. It was this time 3 years ago we opened our doors and held our breath, not quite knowing how our community would feel about this unique combination of Wellness Therapies. 

The response over the past three years has been overwhelmingly positive. Salt has been a place to heal, to relax, to connect and to recharge. For us it is a place filled with the beautiful, radiant energy that  our customers bring with them.  A place where everyone feels comfortable and rested.

Our journey thus far: 

The journey started with the founder, Angie, in 2014. She discovered floating after a tragic event changed her life. For her, Float Therapy helped with the healing process, and the Salt Wellness Centre idea was created. Her journey continued onto new and wonderful things, and in 2016 Ramon and I took over Salt Wellness Centre.

For Ramon, it started with a Joe Rogan podcast. After hearing about Floating, he tried it at Float House (South Surrey). He was hooked after one session, and encouraged me to try it. My first float was at Salt in the Wave Room. That first float was profound as I found relief from constant pain, and had the best sleep that evening. After a few floats, we both started feeling and seeing the benefits. Not only were we sleeping better, our health improved, we felt more energetic and more patient. The most incredible side effect occurred….I found that I was not suffering from the sometimes daily migraines. I started feeling myself again. Ramon tried the Salt Therapy and was surprised to find that after only a few sessions his sinuses were clear and the dry skin he had on his elbows was no longer there.

Those who float regularly know that often there are profound coincidences that occur, often shortly after a session. Whether you consciously or unconsciously set and intention, opportunities manifest and it is up to us to recognize them and seize them. That is what happened when Ramon found out that Salt was for sale. After a few months of soul searching and some major changes, it all fell into place at the right time for everyone.

The healing has continued for the us both mentally and physically. Salt has become a home away from home. A place our three children love coming to. This wonderful Oasis has allowed us to meet so many wonderful people, many of whom have shared their incredible stories with us. We have laughed and cried with so many of you over the years. There have been hundreds of hugs and high fives.


We are so very grateful for the wonderful community, church, local businesses, friends and family members who have supported us and encouraged us on this journey.  We are also grateful to our members, who remind us to Float when we seem a little stressed. You have been with us through trials and triumphs. Thank you.

We look forward to many more years and continued growth. Please join us this Summer as we celebrate our 3 year anniversary. We will be offering various Summer Savings throughout July and August, as well as Wellness Workshops.

See you soon.





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