If it is your first time experiencing float therapy, you may not know what to expect. Float tanks in Vancouver are becoming popular as a way to soothe and heal one’s body and mind, meaning more and more people are seeking float therapy in Vancouver for the first time. Beginner floaters may feel a bit anxious about what this treatment actually entails, but there is no need for mystery!

Our float rooms are excellent for those who want a bit of extra space. With high ceilings and easy access, beginner floaters who might be a bit claustrophobic have nothing to worry about. Others might choose our float tanks which are situated in a more enclosed space. Either way, our float therapy in Vancouver begins with selecting a room.

You can expect to be floating for about an hour and a half, typically, during which you may choose to relax and clear your mind, or actively float with meditation or other mental techniques. Either way, flotation therapy will offer you various benefits.

The water will be a comfortable temperature, heated to match the temperature of your skin. This helps the feeling of being in water fade away as you become still. Salt makes the water incredibly buoyant so there will be no pressure on your body at all. This frees your body and mind from sensory input so you are truly able to relax.

Whether you are interested in float therapy for the mental benefits, or to help treat bodily issues like migraines, arthritis, or other pain, it is certainly worth trying! Once you have stepped into the world of float therapy you will understand why so many others are visiting float tanks in Vancouver, and it might just become a part of your regular routine.